I am Poul Majgaard, a danish photographer based in Copenhagen, who has a passion for making the ordinary seem extraordinary. To me ‘impossible’ is just an advanced graduation of ‘challenge’.

Whether you need your mother in law to look like a supermodel, the rat-brats to smile simultaniously, the house presented with the size of Grand Central Station, your products served delicately the Apple way or you want to give your boyfriend a pinup calender with yourself posing as a New York firewoman, a goth vampire or the sweetest lollipop in the candybowl, Poul Majgaard Photography is where you go.

My speciality is the personal look which makes Poul Majgaard Photography the right choice, whether you have a specific idea of how you want the end result or you just need inspiration to something you cannot get anywhere else. Anything else than the classic smile-and-shoot.

I shoot on location, at your own home or in the studio for the best result. What ever makes your photographs stand out from the crowd.

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Contact details:
Phone: +45 60 215 800
E-mail: contact@poulmajgaard.com